Game Guide


This is the launcher screen. You choose the direction, power, and angle of your launch here.

Welcome to RPGLauncher


Click the screen once to stop the spinning map and choose your direction.

Click again to stop the power meter. The fuller the meter the faster you launch.

Click one more time to stop the angle meter. The fuller the meter the higher you fly!


As the default character in RPGLauncher, Player has been tossed into an endless time loop where they keep waking up on the tavern floor after a night they don't remember. As soon as the room stops spinning, poor Player gets booted out the door by an unhappy inn-keep. Not only that, but it turns out the city chose today to be overrun by monsters! 


Is this even Player's city?


Player's stats aren't very high, so they're going to have to try to make some friends.


After collecting 20 xp in a launch, Player becomes much more formidable! Click the SMASH button to unleash a devastating ground pound attack that can also interact with special locations at greater distance than normal Stomp attacks. 

Player returns to normal size and attack power after they SMASH!

Stomp on monsters and collect the XP crystals and gold coins they send flying into the air!


Keep an eye out for Treasure Guy! If you Stomp on him, he'll toss a special treat your way!


Bouncing (not Stomping) off of a bird will increase your speed.

Bouncing (not Stomping) off of a butterfly will send you high into the sky.


Click the coffee cup in the corner for a map key.

Stamina Dispenser.gif

Fly by a coffee shop and the barista will whip you up a cup of Stamina Coffee. This potion will give you a bonus Stomp when your Stomp meter is completely empty.


Visit the Bubblegum vendor to receive a piece of delicious, bubbly bubblegum that will make you bounce higher than you thought possible! 

Gum Dispenser.gif
Gold Dispenser.gif

When you pass by the lucky fountain, make a wish and you will get a bag with 5 gold inside! 

There are other goodies hidden in the crystal cocoons you will find in the city. Can you unlock them all?


Thief has a high number of stomps available at low levels paired with the second best damage progression in the game.

Traps - The thief is immune to trap damage, and when he stomps on a trap it is destroyed. 


Sneak Attack - After collecting 30 XP within a launch, the Thief charges his Sneak Attack ability. The Sneak Attack travels above and through opponents at an increased speed, dealing damage to some unlucky enemies and passing over others.   

Side Mirrors Bonus - At higher levels, Thief develops his own sixth sense that allows him better awareness of his surroundings. His bonus to the Side Mirrors upgrade ensures he will cross paths with more special locations in the city, item dispensers and key locations alike!


Winged Belt Bonus - The Winged Belt upgrade is a must for any sagging wardrobe choices, and Thief's class bonus ensures that his britches never fall at the wrong time. Once he is high enough level, Thief's Winged Belt bonus adds height to every single bounce.



Cleric deals moderate damage and has the lowest number of stomps available. Contrast this with Cleric's health stats, which are the highest in the game. Cleric is built for long launches and to take a few hits along the way.


Damage Reduction - Cleric's shield reduces damage from enemies, letting her survive further out into the city.


Holy - After collecting 20 XP within a launch, Cleric charges her Holy ability. Holy restores several health points to Cleric's health gauge, and also destroys any undead enemies that might be lurking about.


Focus Spinner Bonus - At higher levels, Cleric's inner piece gives her the ability to choose her path through the city with forethought and purpose. Her bonus to the Focus Spinner upgrade causes the map to spin slower on the launcher screen, allowing the player to better decide the direction of each day's journey.


Tap Lessons Bonus - The holy ranks know tap dance moves that the uninitiated only whisper about behind closed doors. The added ranks that Cleric receives to this upgrade cause the Stomp Gauge to recharge much faster, making up for the low Max Attacks stat the Cleric suffers from.  


Wizard progresses quickly in the Max Attacks stat, but lags in Health and Damage. 


Fireball - After collecting 20 XP within a launch, Wizard's Fireball becomes fully charged and ready to blow! This attack deals Wizard's attacks damage to every enemy on the road leaving behind a clear runway for Wizard to bounce along without wasting a precious Stomp.

Trinoculars Bonus - At higher levels, Wizard's experience with crystal balls and digital cameras begins to gives him a bonus to the Trinoculars Upgrade.


Wildlife - Wizard's Wildlife Bonus makes the Wildlife Upgrade generate more butterflies and birds during each launch.

Fighter has the best damage stats for her level of any of the characters. Pair this with her good health stats, and you'll see that Fighter can hold her own with monsters deeper into the city at lower levels than other characters would need to be. 


Whirlwind Attack - After collecting 30 XP within a launch, the Fighter charges her Whirlwind Attack ability. This attack sends her spinning across the screen at an increased speed and dealing Attack Power damage to each enemy in her path.  


Boots of Launching Bonus - At higher levels, Fighter gains a bonus to the Boots of Launching upgrade. This upgrade increases the base speed of the characters launch, allowing the maximum speed to reach new heights. 


Prescription Pants Bonus - Each time the player bounces against the ground or an enemy, the character loses a little bit of height on the next bounce, eventually becoming unable to bounce safely over enemies at all. With higher ranks in this upgrade, though, this vertical loss is greatly reduced.

Crystal Cacoon.gif

Scattered throughout the city are mysterious crystal cocoons. Stomp on them enough times to break them open, unlocking the surprises inside. 

Some of the unlockables hidden inside the crystals are dispensary locations. 

Health Dispenser.gif

The Dr. Pop Soda machine gives you a health potion that automatically refills your health once it gets low enough. 


Watch out for bats!  Use your Stomps to either avoid or attack these. If they bite you when you aren't Stomping, you will get an Infection point.

This is an Infection Point. If you collect 5 or more Infection points, you will become Infected and your stats will suffer. Your Max Health and Max Attacks will be reduced by 1, and your Speed can no longer rise above each day's beginning speed. 

You should be able to cure yourself by visiting somebody who knows how to handle poisons and get their hands on rare chemicals.